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Collaborating with schools, human service agencies, and community-based organizations to support high quality education, mental health, social services, juvenile justice and recreation services for children and adolescents with multiple complex needs

Walker Consulting provides expertise, supervision, and specialized staffing support for the development of organizations, services, and programs, as well as the strengthening of leadership, management, and staff capability. Walker Consulting was originally established as Walker Partnerships in 1994 to assist schools in Massachusetts in providing high-quality educational services to students with significant social, emotional, and behavioral needs. Walker Consulting has since diversified its client base to also include public and private agencies, and other community-based organizations; and broadened its scope to mental health, social service, juvenile justice, and recreation; 

 In partnership with client organizations, our consultants, supervisors, specialists, and direct service staff will: 

· Engage with organizational leaders, managers, service providers, parents, adolescents, children, and other stakeholders;

· Utilize qualitative and quantitative data to analyze the opportunities and challenges in services and programs;

· Seek a shared understanding of the vision, mission, goals and objectives of the organization;

· Develop appropriate and feasible plans for the improvement of services and programs;

· Provide technical assistance and staff resources for the implementation of the plans; and

· Assess the results in terms of outcomes for children and adolescents.

Walker Consulting brings to each client expertise and extensive experience in creating solutions; guiding, monitoring, and adjusting implementation; and evaluating inputs, outputs, and outcomes.

Walker Consulting provides consultation, supervision, and direct services in schools, agencies, community-based organizations, and homes.  Guiding our work is a set of principles:

· Trauma Informed

· Culturally and linguistically competent

· Strength-based approaches

· Individualized planning and implementation

· Least restrictive environment and inclusion

· Parents-as-partners

· Interagency and interdisciplinary collaboration

· Flexibility within structure

Portfolio of Services

Organizational Development

· Assessment and improvement of organizations, services, and programs

· Development of more effective organizational support for direct services

· Design and implementation of more effective service management through tiered systems of support


Service and Program Development

· Case consultation and management

· Comprehensive wraparound extended day services

· Early Intervention -  Early Childhood coordination

· Youth crisis intervention and management

· Applied Behavior Analysis in schools and programs

· Parents as partners


Enhancement of Leadership and Management

· Effective Supervision

· Marketing

· Management of external demands and threats

· Data collection and analysis


Staff Capacity Building

· Specialized staffing

· Staff supervision and support

· Professional development

To find out how Walker Consulting can help your organization improve and expand its capacity to serve children and youth with complex social, emotional, and behavioral needs, please contact:
John Verre, Director of Walker Consulting