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A Walker Partnerships Evaluation can be invaluable for: decision making; to improve the implementation or effectiveness of a service; to help manage limited resources; to document your program’s accomplishments; and to justify funding.  Our experienced team can provide a district wide evaluation of special education services or an examination of a single program or service.  

We pay careful attention to the following questions:

  • What special education programs and services are working effectively and efficiently?
  • How does your district compare to state averages and like districts?
  • What are the trend lines for your district?
  • Are you following “best practice” and effective management strategies?

Our staff believes that collaboration is the key to effective evaluation. We are invested in engaging all stakeholders in a process that welcomes their participation.  Our evaluators have vast experience in public school special education, and have no stake in the outcome.  Our final reports comply with state and federal requirements for annual program reviews and are practical, relevant and focused on utility.