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WP Social Workers

Walker Partnerships believes that employing a social worker that is dedicated to providing services to severely emotionally and behaviorally challenged children and youth is essential for the successful inclusion of this population of students.  WP social workers are uniquely trained to help districts bridge the gaps that are often found among school, home and the community.  They are responsible for providing supportive services to vulnerable students that will enhance their capacity to access the academic and social/emotional curriculum offered in a public school setting.  The social worker provides teachers, administrators, families, and collateral service providers specific strategies that are designed to aid students in their efforts to reach collaboratively defined goals. The job description for our social workers is comprehensive and includes the following:

  • Individual and group counseling with identified students: Provides evidenced based therapeutic intervention focused on improved behavioral health that will allow increased access to school based curriculum.
  • Parent Support: Provides evidence based psycho-education as requested; advocates for increased community based services on behalf of families; provides home visits as needed for targeted, supportive intervention.
  • Communication: Provides regularly scheduled information sharing among student, parents/guardians, school personnel and collateral services providers to discuss progress related to goals; interacts effectively and respectfully with school personnel, supervisors, parent/guardians and collateral services providers; participates in IEP and SST meetings as needed.
  • Crisis Intervention: Provides de-escalation intervention for students experiencing behavioral crises; maintains TCI certification; provides mental status exams as needed; facilitates hospitalizations as needed; reports child abuse and neglect as needed, and according to district policy.
  • Written Documentation: Provides written, collaboratively agreed upon social/emotional and behavioral goals; writes quarterly progress reports; writes and maintains Behavior Intervention Plans as needed; collects and maintains data on progress toward goals; maintains written client contact notes that are accessible to students, parent/guardians, teachers and administrators.
  • Professional Development: Provides consultation to building based personnel regarding best practice interventions for students struggling with social, emotional, and/or behavioral challenges; understands and is able to teach positive behavioral supports; maintain necessary CEUs and PDPs for licensure; incorporates new, best practice information into work.
  • Principal Support: Provides lunch duty, bus duty, and teacher support as requested by the building administrator. Attends faculty and professional development meetings.

WP Therapeutic Intervention Specialist

A Walker Partnerships Therapeutic Intervention Specialist (TIS) position can successfully support your school’s PBIS model.  Through the expertise of a TIS, your school can improve capacity to implement PBIS strategies. A WP TIS can develop strength-based behavior plans, model and collaborate with general education teachers to optimize interventions identified in plans, co-lead social skill and affect-regulation groups, support students experiencing immediate crisis, provide direct support to troubled students throughout the school day, and help implement “check-in/check-out” systems.  In the 2011-2012 school year, one Metrowest elementary school initiated the PBIS model and practices to address a growing concern of office referrals and student behavior, specifically physical aggression, non-compliance, and property destruction issues.  In September of 2012, the school partnered with WP to enhance its efforts by employing a TIS.  Examining discipline trends over the past four years has shown a significant decrease in behavioral incidences.  School administrators saw a 71% decrease in year one of PBIS implementation, and an additional 60% decrease from year two with PBIS and TIS implementations.  The secondary gains of reducing behavioral incidences are numerous, allowing your teachers and students to focus on learning and academic goals, improving social interactions among students, and creating a positive school culture of respect, care and support.

*All contracted Walker Partnerships staff receives on-site supervision and have daily access to their WP supervisors as needed. 

*Districts that already employ social workers and intervention specialists can contract with Walker Partnerships for supervision and consultation.