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Partnerships Ecological Assessment

Walker Partnerships Ecological Assessment is an inclusive approach to the gathering of information and formulating recommendations to help a school district plan interventions for a student experiencing emotional or behavioral problems. It is an opportunity to emphasize both the strengths and challenges that a student encounters while interacting in various domains of their lives. A thoughtful process of exploring the transactions that occur between a student and his or her environments at school, home, and in the community may offer school personnel and families an opportunity to consider alternative meanings associated with concerning behaviors. It is important to note that the observations and interviews are not designed to examine deficits, but to allow the assessor to highlight what is working well and where more supports may be needed. The process includes the following:

  • Student observations
  • Interviews with school based personnel
  • Interviews with community based therapists and service providers (when appropriate)
  • Interview with educational advocate (when appropriate)
  • Home visit and interview with parents/guardians
  • Student interview (when appropriate)

The process generally takes 15 hours, including on-site time report development and transportation.