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Current Offerings

Understanding the Meaning Behind Behavior
Our trainers conceptualize the challenging behaviors that students exhibit in school as a form of communication. Understanding that all behavior has meaning is the key to effective intervention. This workshop will help participants increase their awareness and skills at assessing the meaning behind the behavior.

Managing Behavior
This training is designed to help staff create positive learning environments for all students. We will explore research based classroom management strategies as well as best-practice interventions for individual students exhibiting challenging behavior. Specific focus will include managing one’s self during crises; maintaining a proactive rather than a reactive stance; teaching positive alternative behaviors rather than striving to control behavior; how to manage acute situations; and what to do when a crisis has resolved.

Understanding the Impact of Trauma on Learning
Educators will learn about the prevalence of traumatic experience in student’s lives, how it impacts learning, and how to support student success in school. This training is designed to help teachers ( unlock their compassion, allowing them to help students, rather than conceptualize their behaviors as a problem.

Behavior Intervention Planning
So you’ve done a thorough assessment and have formulated some hypotheses about the nature of a student’s behavior difficulties.  Now what? This training will help participants learn how to write, implement, and measure the effectiveness of behavior plans. Case studies are used to explore: how to identify appropriate target behaviors; how to teach replacement behaviors; what tools might be appropriate to use; and what to do when things go awry.